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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  December 6, 2017 7:30am-8:00am EST

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dollar that the pentagon is not far behind he has the guardian has uncovered that the defense advanced research projects agency or darpa you know the good folks behind the creepy backflipping robots and other such horrifying things we've seen online well darpa has invested roughly one hundred million dollars into genetic extinction technologies making the u.s. military now one of the biggest funders of gene drive research in the world. i think on that lovely lovely thought as we start watching honks. what. it looks like. it's like. the bottom. like you that i got. with. with. this.
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we. welcome everyone to watching the hawks i robot and on top of the wallace who did creepy i mean i'm all for finding new ways you know better living for science this idea of finding something that can. can you know get rid of things like malaria yes but. i think nothing with mosquitoes. this is an out of engineering text thirty all i mean i don't know that it's let me break this down for you because it's like you're saying just a message and as if you are right so this is basically that's kind of like the militarization of gene research is what we're seeing thomas the co-director of the e.t.c. group which basically they work that obtained through freedom of information act these e-mails from darpa and uncover of the darpa funding of this gene and he said quote the fact that gene drive development is now being primarily funded and structured by the u.s.
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military raises alarming questions about this entire field now tab the answer back to us from a doctor spokesperson they told the guardian that quote it is critical for the partment of the plans to defend its personnel to preserve military readiness and it is incumbent on darpa to perform this research and develop technologies that can protect against accidental or intentional misuse. basically to have their say and like hey we need to study this in case somebody else gets this and starts trying to like you know. read genetic code people and can kill massive amounts of people or pores and water you know it's really creepy stuff well i'm just confused about the idea of why the heck on things that there they should be able to wipe an entire species out because these mosquitoes could give malaria and they have to make sure they're soldiers in the field. so years and over one hundred million dollars probably a year to do to. make those that might give you malaria extending it.
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because it might hurt soldiers in the think that it doesn't quite make sense to me there's something off there you know the. doing isn't fair is you just think it's a lack of understanding what's going on i think i think the various because it's like when you look at like ok we're going to study technology that allows us to wipe you know alter genes that then create either like something better or something worse this is the tension or life ending i saw that it was like you were right next to a saw that it never works so well for the military and science fiction movies where yeah i know and i won't neither one of us will end up with like cool super powers. but you're giving it sort of is good too good to be true what they're doing is they're going to throw a whole bunch of money into something that really isn't feasible and b to be used on the scale they are they're saying isn't isn't sort of work that we're already on the path to get rid of things like malaria by things like nets and call mosquito nets. but part of that is that it just doesn't always make any sense
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a harvard biologist an mit scientist kevin as felt had led the initial gene drive research that you were talking about when. when it was seen as this potential fix for animals that were going existing saluting resources to sort of invasive or non non native animals so they're coming in and taking food away and stopping disease carrying bugs things like but that same scientists now says that this sort of unbridled gene drive. idea is too dangerous to be used for that purpose and actually it's interesting is go back to james clapper i know huge figuratively huge there was a barber the former director of national intelligence last year added that gene editing he added gene that he refers are at the door added gene editing to a list of threats posed by weapons of mass destruction and player or if aeration proliferation so what you're saying is this this is not worth the end result of
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getting rid of some mosquitoes for our troops when doing this thing could end up throwing a whole ecological system out of whack because we're not at a scientific level yet we can try i mean yes we're doing some amazing things with like crisper and things like that of gene everything and all that but we're not at a level yet of like oh hey we're going to make one mosquito be able to grow wings with other than they don't have wings but we're not taking into account the fact that we're also talking about if those get out of that area then you to look changing the entire species because that is something it's the mosquitoes and that thing that it's the mosquitoes then won't have them skeeters. die and when you work your way backwards in an ecosystem you're going to find that the entire system gets out of whack and you start i don't really trust them doing genetic splicing people because you know those were the government want to go. one of the biggest controversies in battles both inside the world of the u.s.
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and maybe a special forces an outside in the world the politics of pop culture has finally come to a conclusion i'm talking of course about the controversial legal battle between former u.d.t. seal and minnesota governor jesse ventura and chris kyle the former navy seal who called himself the american sniper arche correspondent allen chan is then following that story and joins us now to discuss welcome in the right guys good to be back after a long brain yeah always a pleasure to have you on to go really news with admiral so we'll get this in with my notes keeping you busy with this is an interesting story i'm obviously personally connected to this story. you know you don't know what we all know and so we all sort of know this idea of the people at home kind of walk us through the history of the case and then the timeline where how we got to the right i'm glad you brought up the book because i think a lot of people don't realize you know yes it was a movie but it was based first on his release of this two thousand and twelve book of the same name american sniper so of course yesterday. the former minnesota governor jesse ventura settled out of court ahead of this second trial that was due
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against chris kyle's book publisher harper collins for an undisclosed amount to this following the victory that he had in twenty fourteen from the defamation case that went to trial and was later overturned by an appellate court so looking back on this time line. in january of two thousand and twelve chris kyle's autobiography american sniper hit the shelves to rave reviews and landed in the new york times bestseller list for over thirty seven weeks that year and before long it was discovered that kyle of course fabricated the and tire events involving jesse ventura in this alleged bar brawl back in california just a mere three pages in his book but by december of two thousand and twelve ventura filed his defamation suit and then within weeks of the court filings chris kyle was then tragically shot and killed at a texas shooting range by another war veteran battling psychological disorders and
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then the following year july of twenty fourteen ventura wins the defamation case being awarded more than one point eight million dollars in damages but then on christmas day twenty fourteen the film adaptation based on kyle's life was then released and it was a box office smash hit and then about eighteen months later in june of two thousand and sixteen ventura's victory was overturned by that appellate court but of course as jesse goes he vowed to keep fighting until he cleared his. which leads us to what the interim now calls another victory for himself on monday since he her and their insurance were able to her and their insurance were able to reach an undisclosed agreement which the governor says puts a smile on his face. you know it's an interesting to live through all that i think you're doing i really get together and seeing it firsthand it was an interesting experience to look through it because again it went back to this notion
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that you know my father chris kyle got into this bar fight in santiago and moved back to you know what the middle time i was in so viable social good and it never happened and i know what you know it's kind of one of those weird things where everyone in the media just because someone writes in the book and he goes a little while you and your wily and says jesse ventura punch everyone starts talking about it it's like never no that never have a little before never have a product can i can you one that knows your dad i don't think anybody could imagine him doing that and being violent like that you know i think we're going to and i think that really had a lot of people about this case was the idea that it was predicated on this ludicrous notion that he was that your father was in a navy seal bar in san diego and they saying that soldiers should die right there the whole thing is ludicrous and i think that's the thing that people really need to take seriously it's one thing you can say hey i punched a guy out which i think saying you punched out a sixty year old man i'm a retired right when i say what does that say about you but at the end of the day
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we these guys do these men and women did fight for our country and it's hard for me to not sit back you know i like a couple of things that i think the mainstream media has left out regarding jesse's case is that number one jesse himself is a vietnam war veteran nobody talks about that they keep calling chris kyle you know this just war veteran this war hero well what about governor ventura he was a vietnam war veteran himself he served himself he saw war secondly the mainstream media narrative has always. then that that he's suing taya kyle right he said we're going to be only suing her poor widow you know taking this up on her estate putting you know putting her through all this trauma when it really what it is is he was dealing with the publishers publishers and the other about something that was well literally everywhere and much for walking us through all this is a great idea because it's a good i've lived it but it's a bit confusing to me and sometimes yeah but but thank you so much for coming out and it walking us through this as we go to break court watchers don't forget to let
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us know what you think of the topics you cover the facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are tea dot com coming up we talk with the man of the heart of the battle the plain truth fiction on the american sniper chris kyle was my father jesse ventura's walks us to discuss the final act of the small bites they took it watchable.
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if you trust the mainstream media well then you're in the minority sadly a great deal of media today is not designed to inform but rather confirm political biases this approach of the news is not only polarizing but it's also lowering journalistic standards this is why readers and viewers seek their news elsewhere. done some is not so is not adequate place is not a good country. church yes it is the minister. of family as well and loves from. a visit of this but at the best a disco that is. just over the co-chair. of the cult of less sure of the. secular c.b.s. . just for the embrace from a fellow muslim of oneself to be a little. mostly out of this fossil. play almost anything for the numbers and he makes a lot of a coward that john said i'm based on are much less tied no one can i do not the
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last cover with lies from trap mcnabb how on amanita. from michelle to men cannot. confront him on the canal he was almost feeling now we're going to fuck him on a. cool road students are going to sort of numbers go show you the cigarette i want to go to the snooze in the micra poisonous or do whatever to sleep over. the cinema bar the other you know the lot of this. series who are supposed to. when we talk about the laws and justice system the gov nation we often think of words written in stone decades if not centuries of legal precedent and educational system that emulates the line just blindly to justice and fairness and transparency
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alas that is very often not the case from the top down whether it be the supreme court that gets treated like a political football up for grabs or appeals courts around the country serving as politically aligned battle grounds where conservatives and liberals can seek out the partisan verdicts they need to advance controversial policies our nation system of justice often does seem to be blind but only to the facts and figures not to the needs of the special interest groups that lobby judges like they would a member of congress or local zoning official for firsthand perspective on the political machinations of the court system we sat down for an exclusive interview with former minnesota governor jesse ventura who just settled a long fight defamation suit with the estate of the late american sniper chris kyle . it actually started in january of two thousand and twelve right when i had gone to mexico which i had been doing every winter they broke their story short i had no way to defend myself and you know today you hear talk about free media this was
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perfect for the fake media because it was a fake story and so i couldn't i was out of the country wouldn't come back for a couple of months they were the media ran with this story they convicted me with it nobody believed it and i had to bring a lawsuit immediately to cease and desist from from the and i called them the american liar chris kyle. to get him to stop so then we proceeded to a lawsuit and at one point in june of two thousand and twelve i actually met face to face with the american liar chris kyle and i offered him the opportunity i should feel just tell the truth will go out i'll forgive you we'll shake hands and we'll go. our separate ways he did not have the honor or the courage to do that he didn't have the honor of the courage to simply tell the truth that it never happened that this was
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a fake story i guess he was making too much money with the book at that point show it went on to you know subsequently died in a tragic accident it went on to trial i won in front of the jury i won in front of the trial court judge who wrote twenty some pages supporting the when then it went to the court of appeals it was at that point here come the fake media gag thirty two major media conglomerates entered the case to get it overturned at the court of appeals and they found two dishonest judges to do it reilly in shepherd and i can call them dishonest because it's in this context i play golf and there's rules to the game of golf if you openly break those rules you're a dishonest golfer if you work in a court system and openly break rules to get the verdict you want or whatever that's a dishonest judge so these two judges overturn the jury's verdict never heard
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a day of testimony never heard testimony from one witness they didn't declare that kyle didn't lie that wasn't even part of it they turned it over any way they possibly could to send it back for a new trial which then would cost me even more money and i might add through this should tire ordeal coyotes family it didn't cost them a cent it was all paid for by the publishing company and by the publishing company insurance that's that's in the contract you signed i've written eight or nine books i know them well so the family was out nothing and then they sent it back for a whole new trial and i got solid word that it didn't matter how many trials in front of juries i won the. board of appeals would just throw it out again and again show i had no choice really but to go for settlement at that point which i did i tried to get an apology and i'll just state this my apology is in the bank. it's
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quite an apology at the end of the day. so despite the jury i'm wording you well as at one point eight million when declaring that what kyle and sad and what harper collins had printed was indeed a lie an appeals court then overturn that decision and why do you why do you believe the reasons are that that was initially thrown out i mean we know there's a certain amount to no idea there's not a lot of i have no idea here here's what they did first of all the rules state you can only argue their same fieri in front of the appeals court that was argued in the trial while the thirty two media conglomerates came in with their big new york lawyers and all their money and they argued a whole new theory which we didn't get a chance to defend against in court and these two judges upheld it and like a week later somebody else tried to do it and they wouldn't allow may want to use
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the eleventh amendment to the constitution for something and they ruled the exact opposite they said no you can't bring a new theory into the appeals court so they haven't both ways they're appointed they're subjected to nobody they could do what they want them the other thing they did they have a rule that on any objection the objection must be done in front of the jury while they there was a thing brought forward in the trial the other side did not object the jury was dismissed step to leaven fifty eight at twelve o two four minutes later the other side objected the trial judge overruled the objection and we moved on these two judges then allowed that objection to take place even though it didn't. happened in front of the jury and it violated their own rules again it was clear and i heard this from legal people who have read the case it was clear the quote i got was they were certainly out to get jesse ventura
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and they did. well you know you mentioned the corporate media them coming in and getting involved in this case why why do you feel they got it all why did this suddenly all these you know these conglomerate you know thirty some odd conglomerate suddenly jump in and say who jesse just won this case now we need to get involved. that's a great question ty that the reason is this i want to under a law in minnesota called unjust enrichment which means somebody can't go out and commit wrongdoing and enrich themselves at it and get to keep the money well they fake nudes they don't want to have to do due diligence they don't want to have to find out if a story's real this now gives them carte blanche to be able to do that they don't have to check whether a story is real if they print something that defame someone they can pay them
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a couple of little box and they can profit like crazy from it and you're not allowed to read any of the profits they get it would be in layman's terms like this if you went out and robbed the bank and they sent machine to two years for the actual bank robbery then when you get out you get to keep all the money you took that would be the equivalent to a show they're allowing the mainstream media now to profit from wrongdoing they can go out and commit wrongdoing make all the profits they want off it and the person wronged is not entitled to any of those profits that the fake or mainstream media might get show that's that's the repercussions it's much bigger than people realize what this case that's why thirty two of them came in they didn't. i want this to stand because they'd be held accountable then. what do you think are the biggest misconceptions or messengers standings about this case that you wish people would
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know. well i want them to know that it did not cost the kyle family a sand that it was all paid for by the publisher in the publisher's insurance company it cost me nearly a million dollars or more to take it to court to clear my name i would like people to realize that and i want people to truly realize the corruption in our court system that we that we put these judges in there for life they answer to nobody they can do what they want they're not i got elected these people are appointed that means they could well be nothing more than political hacks who knew somebody they knew so the president they knew whoever and in payback for whatever they get appointed to federal appeals court positions where they answer to no one that's a big thing i think people need to understand about how the justice system works and the and the and the travesty of for all of its good things the justice system
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has done over there's a lot of people been able to game and manipulate that system to you know hold down the truth and keep people from being able to buy any kind of you know legal recourse. you know what i found the most unique about going to trial on this type of tab was the fact that you'd think that the courtroom is the place for the truth to come out no the courtroom is actually the place where the truth gets suppressed there were two things that we couldn't say in court they were the truth but we weren't allowed to like you're not allowed to say that insurance is paying for the other side even though it is now there's exceptions to that if they poor mouth which is what they did in this case they poor mouth they brought in people from harper collins to. try to diminish my importance and they were the ones providing the insurance that would ultimately have to pay so the bottom line is don't go to court to seek the truth the court is generally there to suppress the truth today
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and that's a sad occasion in america i'll tell you this is really really bad on the part of our court system this ruling and most definitely is a you know after all these years what what. have you been able to uncover you know through the case or after anything why chris kyle chose to tell this tall tale why i chose to just as you know lie about this incident you know in san diego well first of all they were all drunk every one of his witnesses and he himself were all drunk or than heck that night they had a bar tab of over a thousand dollars in the bar his group so they know they were all drunk lot of you make a lot of stupid decisions when you're drunk and i guess he he went to another bar to meet his buddies need you know if you check out chris kyle you'll find out this
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isn't the only lie he's told or he's told some big big lies he said he was on the dole man new orleans during katrina shooting looters he said that he got held up in a convenience store in texas shot and killed two guys and when the police arrived he showed him his id and they let him go he also even lied about the medals he won to wear the navy the united states navy had to come out and correct them. when the moon is or that it's the last and it's at its closest approach to the earth it will appear brighter and larger than usual and we affectionately call the super moon and this weekend we saw these forests of superman's of twenty seven thousand in the skies about the united states and eastern asia. and other beautiful wasn't really super you know while the super moon phenomenon is beautiful and truly allows us the opportunity to feel closer to the space we float around and the truth
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is that the only really if they're only really super because our brains compare the moment to the surrounding buildings and the natural structure is which makes it seem much larger taz than actually is and our brains naturally see things on the horizon as bigger than the objects we see in the sky even science champion the older us tyson pointed out when he said if last month full moon were a sixteen inch pizza then this month's super moon would be sixteen point one inches just say. while they ran a reboot scientifically it's true for these moons as the new york times best selling author to or about the put it in her book shatter me the moon is a loyal companion it never leaves it's always there watching steadfast knowing off in our light and dark moments changing forever just as we do every day it's a different version of itself sometimes weak and wan sometimes strong and full of light the moon understands what it means to be human uncertainty alone
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cratered with and perfect created by perfect as a great quote already rebutted that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we're told will love the love so i tell you all i love you i am a robot on top of the wall keep love watching those hawks that were great for him but every. good holds an excuse. to put themselves on the line. they did accept the reject. so when you're the present danger. or something i want to reach. to the right person this is what. three of the more people. interested always in the waters of.
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elliston is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos emin bill fiddlesticks misted do you like humans this is my complicity is going up to study hall meeting. notes on one of. the only palestinians is who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the bush didn't know who could do this. and no it is all of us not as to how to display any of the most obvious jihad i don't think it'll tedium of doesn't seem to do more commitments also some piss off.
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it's a. wonder when they hit a car i decided new day. in the moon took all. this i wrote these are the new knights following after me and all we meant and rick . is for a moment up on the u.s.s. iwo going on they want us and if you think of us you know. of those. i thought that.
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the international olympic committee bans team russia from the twenty eighteen winter games after a two year doping scandal despite a lack of concrete evidence to support the claims of the state sponsored drug program. these invited elsley so will participate be it in individual or team competitions under the name olympic elsley it from russia . other news the recent deadly terror attacks in the u.k. could have been thwarted by security services according to a new report from the government. the us president is expected to recognize to the capital city of israel a move likely to ignite fury among many in the middle east.


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